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pharmacistPharMore is a privately owned long term healthcare pharmacy located in Skokie, Illinois. PharMore was establish in August 2006 and is now servicing over 10,000 patients throughout Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Wisconsin . PharMore is the largest independent long term care pharmacy in the state of Illinois.

PharMore is a dynamic company known for its employee friendly, customer focused, team-oriented work environment.  We provide unparalleled service and believe in the strength of a partnership between the pharmacy and the long term care facilities we service.  At PharMore, customer care is our primary focus at all levels and is the foundation from which the company was built.  Each and every member of the organization is selected for their drive for excellence.  In our quest to provide the best service, PharMore has developed value added services we believe provide an optimal relationship for our customers; and our customers agree. Examples of our innovations include:

  • NO VOICEMAIL –  A representative will always answer the phone at PharMore – Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • OVERNIGHT CART AUDITS – Recognizing that it is crucial that audits are done for quality purposes and understanding the impact such audits have on Med Pass, we initiated a program where we send out our cart audit team during the overnight shift to minimize disruption to the nurses.  Cart audits are provided quarterly, free of charge to all facilities.
  • PRE-SURVEY PREPARATION – Our professional team of Consultant Pharmacists, Consultant Nurses, Customer Service Representatives and Cart Auditors work with your facility personnel to ensure the facility is in compliance for survey.
  • POST SURVEY SUPPORT – Should a facility need post survey support to create a Plan of Correction (POC) PharMore provides expert level assistance from an LNHA/BSN to assist you in creating a plan for submission.
  • FAMILY NIGHT – An evening designated by the facility for patients, family members, and care givers to meet pharmacy personnel.  PharMore’s Director of Billing attends to meet and discuss any billing issues related to the residents coverage.  A Pharmacist is also present to provide residents, family members, and care givers the opportunity to discuss medication regimens or questions related to their prescription drugs.
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